Città di Castello, San Domenico Church

The monumental Church, started thanks to the will of the Dominican Fathers, has a wide structure with a single nave and a cross choir. It was consecrated in 1426. The facade is unfinished. On the left side of the building, arises the belfry. Simple and austere is the architectural line of the apsis, with three chapels at the bottom, surmounted by a gothic vault. The two Reinassance altars, at the sides of the major one, used to guard the “Cricifixion” by Raffaello, painted around the 1503 and now at the National Gallery in London. The wooden choir, composed by 26 stalls with fine marquestries and situated in the apsis, it is a valuable masterpiece by Manno dei Cori. The portal, restored in 1939, is a masterpiece by the stone cutter Maestro Pietro Pazzaglia. Above the portal there is a fresco by a Città di Castello painter, Aldo Riguccini.