Città di Castello, Cloister of San Domenico

The cloister was a part of the monumental complex of Saint Domenico’s Church. Its initial structure, smaller than the actual, was built together with the monastery in the XIV Century. The cloister has an irregular rectangular map with a central free space, where you can see a double order of archs which rest on elegant columns in pietra serena stone. Along the walls, both at the first and second floor, remain some fourteenth-century gothic marks. Around the cloister there are 32 lunettes which represent miracles and facts belonging to the life of Saint Margherita, whom body is conserved in Saint Domenico’s Church, with inscriptions both in latin and italian. Some lunettes were painted by Silvio Salvocci from Arezzo and some others by Giovambattista Pacetti known as the “Sguazzino”.