Città di Castello, Palazzo Vitelli a Sant’ Egidio

This palazzo was built during the mid- VXI century for Paolo II Vitelli (1519-1574), a famous captain of Pope Paul III and emperor Charles V.The wide vaults at the entrance and of the portico are a fine example of Tuscan art, the ornate décor is for the most part a work by Cristofano Gherardi. Prospero Fontana, with the painters Orazio Samacchini, Cristoforo Gherardi and  Pomarancio painted the frescoes with scenes of the Vitelli family in the main room. The back façade faces what once was a wonderful Italian style garden; in its northern eastern tip the garden is walled ( the ancient Porta S. Egidio walls) , beyond the Nympheum with 14 niches with statues , a stairway leads to a frescoed Loggia with scenes from mythology, landscapes , small animals and still nature.