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Ore 18:00
Città di Castello – Teatro degli Illuminati
Largo Monsignore Giovanni Muzi
Citta Di Castello, PG 06012 Italy

+ Google Maps Futuristic fairy tale

libretto, music and sound direction by RAFFAELE SARGENTI
premiere, Festival delle Nazioni commission

Tony Contartese direction, scene, costumes 
Mario Cecchetti director

Chiara Franceschelli soprano
Veronica Marinelli soprano
Tommaso Costarelli tenor
Diego Savini baritone

Chamber ensemble of Città di Castello
Damiano Babbini violin
Francesco Bagnasco violin
Ermanno Vallini cello
Luca Marzetti counterbass
Andrea Biagini flute
Raffaella Palumbo clarinet
Laura Mancini percussions
Simone Nocchi piano
Raffaele Sargenti electronical

White voices choir by Associazione Octava Aurea
and ’Istituto comprensivo statale Alberto Burri of  Trestina

in collaboration with Scuola comunale di musica Giacomo Puccini
and Istituto comprensivo statale Alberto Burri of Trestina


The icy Chinese princess , Turandot, with music by Giacomo Puccini, immerses herself into our digital world of technology. This is the basic concept of, a new production of Festival delle Nazioni realized with local music schools. The main goal is to reflect on the online reality, its menaces and dangers which are now so common among the youth. At the same time there is the need of promoting a creative and active use of the web as opposed to the acritic and passive one which only leads to addiction. «In lyric and electronic music, tradition and future coexist – explained composer Raffaele Sargenti from Perugia, author of libretto and music. I had fun imagining an audience made of the entire web community: curious guys, fans of all different music genres or gamers totally unaware of the opera. I tried to favour the mix of everything without prejudices».





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