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Ore 21:00
Città di Castello, Parco di Palazzo Vitelli a Sant’Egidio

Napoli Trip
Stefano Bollani piano, voice
Daniele Sepe saxophone, winds 
Nico Gori clarinet
Bernardo Guerra drums

Napoli Trip is a project which is born out of Stefano Bollani’s love for the city of Naples. «I always loved this city – says the Jazz player – its extremes, its difficulties and joys, I like it even more than Rio, my other big passion». This love story is quite long as it dates back to when the pianist, then 11 years old, discovered Renato Carosone: a formidable source of inspiration «a man who played piano, wrote songs, sang and had fun». Napoli Trip is not only a personal tribute, but a concert of different souls, an ensemble of international talents like the composer and saxophone player Daniele Sepe and two other great musicians: Nico Gori, clarinet and Bernardo Guerra battery. With such versatile artists Bollani may play the music he likes: Naples is the departing point to faraway destinations.


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