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Ore 21:00
Città di Castello – Piazza Gabriotti

with her hit Hell.o

Lenny (Lenka Filipová) voice, keyboard

Ondra Fiedler guitar, Adam Vychodil battery, percussions

Pavel Dočkal sound engineer, Tomáš Matějka tour/pm manager, Jan Kodet technician

The concert of the young pop star Lennt takes place in the heart of the city, on Gabriotti Square and it represents the wish of the Festival delle Nazioni to investigate new contemporary genres, to stimulate curiosity and at the same time to gain new audience.
Lenny comes from Prague: her mother is a popular Czech singer, she starts playing piano at the age of four and writes her first piece at eleven, she forms her first band at sixteen. In 2013 she publishes her first LP entitled All My Love and then leaves the Czech Republic and moves to London where she studies at the British & Irish Modern Music Institute. Here comes to life her second LP Fighter and her first album Hearts, which includes the hit Hell.o: a striking success in her country and a hit in Italy during the last season.“I wanted to write songs that could represent me – said Lenny – songs that tell what I feel, that may inspire people, songs to be listened over and over again”. Lenny has successfully reached her goal.


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