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Ore 18:00
Umbertide – Chiesa della Collegiata

Sara Pastine violin, Giulia Contaldo piano
Winning duo  of the contest Alberto Burri 2017

Ludwig van Beethoven Sonata n. 7 for violin and piano op. 30 n. 2 in C minor
Maurice Ravel Sonata for violin and piano n. 2 in G major
Leoš Janáček Sonata n. 3 for violin and piano vii/7


Violin and piano perfectly match. However the combination represented  the challenge of many musicians during the centuries. After Mozart, Beethoven marks a point of no return reaching the highest of its genre with the second sonata of op. 30: the boundless energy and the gloomy anxiety do not fit any more into the strict eighteenth century schemes, what follows is a tension which is about to explode; Few in the nineteenth century practiced this type of music composition but many did hundred years later because of the fascination of the sound diversity of the two instruments. Ravel, in fact, in his second sonata, combines in a “classical” form both unusual, exotic and jazz elements. Then it’s Janáček’s turn: in additon to masterpieces of the modern theatre he composes some valuable pieces among which the third sonata for violin and piano is the highlight. This is the undelying principle of the two In duo concerts: it is performed in its original version, is also proposed in a clarinet and piano version.
Performance is by the winning duo of the Alberto Burri 2017 national contest, promoted by Festival delle Nazioni to promote and support the most talented young groups of chamber music.


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