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Ore 21:00
San Giustino – Cortile del Castello Bufalini
Largo Crociani 3
San Giustino, 06016 Italia

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Federico Mondelci and his Italian Saxophone Quartet

Federico Mondelci sax s, Davide Bartelucci sax a, Pasquale Cesare sax t, Michele Paolino sax br

Gioachino Rossini Sonata n. 3 in C major from Sei sonate a quattro
Václav Nelhýbel Tre pezzi for saxophone quartett
aa.vv. / Italian Saxophone Quartet Czech Dances Suite
Lukáš Sommer Indiana. Two days in Delhi – premiere
Ennio Morricone Film Suite
Nino Rota Suite from La strada, Passerella from Otto e mezzo

“Its merit, for me, lays on the changing beauty of the accent, some times calm other times passional , dreamlike or vague like an echo, like the undistinguished cry of the breeze through the woods; even better like the mysterious vibrations of a bell long after it has been beaten. No other instrument can match this particular sound”. So commented Hector Berlioz about the saxophone in 1842 when the instrument had been recently created by Adolphe Sax. Since then this instrument has been popular among educated composer, in jazz and popular music. It was eventually developed a literature for sax quartet, the modern answer to the aristocratic strings quartet.
The programme of this concert offers a wide range of options: Three pieces and Indiana by Nelhýbel are meant for a saxophone ensemble, Two days in Delhi is arecent work by Lukáš Sommer. Adaptations of works for other instruments are the third Sonata a quattro by Rossini, the suite of Czech dances and the texts for the big screen signed by Morricone and Rota. The Italian Saxophone Quartet aims at giving a second life this works, at letting them seem as originally conceived for the saxophone without causing nostalgia for the original version.

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