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Ore 18:00
Morra – Oratorio di San Crescentino

Fu Wanying guzheng
Fu Yidan erhu
Live painting by An Pei

Flower and moon in a spring night
Big sea fish and begonia
What a beautiful might
Yi tribe dance
Wonderful mith
Smoking once again
Finshmongers night song
Blue and white porcelain
Singing during the illness
Snow mountain spring


Guzheng is a traditional Chinese instrument, a type of cetre, and it’s over 250 years old. It features twenty-one strings which tapped by the left hand with a plectrum and simultaneously pressed by the right hand. Erhu, by constant has only two strings belongs to the Chinese family of fidulaes and looks like a violin: it is necessary to use the arch which is connected to the main body of the  instrument unlike its western counterpart. The young players will play both guzheng and erhu in solo and duo, traditional Chinese music. Some music will be easily recognised by European audience: think of Jasmine song, whose melody is also taken by Puccini in his Turandot; big sea fish and begonia is the soundtrack of the same film just like wonderful myth for The Myth.
Other tracks may be lesser known but nevertheless very powerful and evocative.





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