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Ore 21:00
Sansepolcro, Teatro alla Misericordia
Via della Misericordia 19
Sansepolcro, 52037 Italia

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a Caterina Casini and Alessandro Stella show
based upon ‘good soul from Sezuan’ by Bertolt Brecht
world premiere , Festival delle Nazioni commission
directed by Caterina Casini
scene Stefano Macaione
costumes Angela Nocentini
wirh Andrea Bianchi, Caterina Casini, Claudio Giglio, Anna Maria Loliva, Fabio Mangolini
with the partecipation of  Sara Bartolini, Tina Milanesi, Riccardo Ricci, students from Scuola Comunale di Teatro di Sansepolcro
Laurence Cocchiara violin
Catherine Bruni cello
Antonio Macaretti accordion
coproduction  Associazione culturale Laboratori Permanenti and Festival delle Nazioni 
in collaboration with Comune di Monterchi
The good soul of Sezuan is one of Bertolt Brecht’s masterpieces, written between 1938 and 1940, it was first staged in Zurich in 1943. It tells the story of Shen Te, a girl who is a prostitute for a living. One day she meets three gods with a mission to accomplish: finding out a a good soul to silence those who stubbornly maintain that there is no place in the world for good people.
The gods immediately recognize in Shen Te the good sould they are looking for, but the girl is not convinced, at the end she explains she is only a prostitute; the three gods decide to give them to grant her a sum of money to start a new life. Nut things will not turn out that easily. 
“It is the story of a ‘good soul’ awarded with a gift from the gods- as director Caterina Casini explains – the unexpected gift will not bring the expected results” 




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