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Ore 21:00
Città di Castello – Teatro degli Illuminati
Largo Monsignore Giovanni Muzi
Citta Di Castello, PG 06012 Italy

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text by Ivan Teobaldelli
music and live electronics by Claudio Panariello premiere
commission by Festival delle Nazioni

Ensemble Suono Giallo
Andrea Biagini flute, Michele Bianchini saxophone, Laura Mancini percussions,
Simone Nocchi piano, Maurizio Perugini voice

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the soviet invasion which brutally ended the Prague Spring between the 20th and the 21st of august 1968.
The memories are of young Prague boys and girls throwing rocks and Molotov bottles to the tanks of the Warsaw Pact; they were flying the Czechoslovakian flags, stained with blood; they hide the street plaques to mislead the invaders, they cry and scream.
The 1968 mood of revolt touched almost all the European capital cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and Milan, Zurich, West Berlin. Half a century later remains unquestioned that the boldest revolt was the Prague Spring which was then treated with indifference and was neither understood nor supported by the media and western intellectuals.  Through the words of Kundera, Ginsberg and other writers of that time, Ivan Teobaldelli will try to reconstruct the context of the city which ‘couldn’t sleep due its joy’ and then the end of the last hope with the arrival of the tanks with the red star and the Gretchko marshal paratroopers.
Music by Claudio Panariello is the complement to the text; it reinterprets songs form the Radio Prague archive and the music by the Plastic People of the Universe – a rock group founded in Prague in 1968.

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