Citerna, San Francesco Church

Built in the 16th century probably over the remains of an existing building, the Church has an irregular Latin cross plan. It contains nine altars, some of them almost identical and embellished with reliefs and richly gilded wooden decorations, and notable works of art. Among them the most important are: a painting by Simone Ciburri dated 1610 portraying St. Anthony of Padua and in the background Citerna as it was at that time; a fresco by the school of Signorelli, about 1550; a panel of the Virgin by the Florentine school; and the Vitelli family altar with a Christ in Glory by Raffellino del Colle, who was also the artist of the painting over the magnificent altar of the Crucifixion and of a small panel depicting the Madonna and Child. There is a wooden crucifix of late 13th century Byzantine work.