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Ore 21:00
Città di Castello – Chiesa di San Domenico
Via Giovanni Muzi Betti, 5D
Città di Castello, 06012 Italia

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I Virtuosi Italiani, Aldo Sisillo director
Corale Marietta Alboni, Marcello Marini choir maestro
Maria Bagalà soprano, Evgeniya Chislova mezzosoprano
Alfonso Zambuto tenor, Fellipe Oliveira bass

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Requiem in D minor for solos, choir and orchestra kv 626

The doubt of its paternity commission; the state of incompleteness, the suggestion of the last work, the intertwining of art and life and the power of its music; these are the features that make the Requiem of Mozart one of the most fascinating and mysterious works of the music art history. It was composed in Vienna in 1791 but was left unfinished at the early death of its composer on 5th December when he was thirty-five. The Requiem was commissioned to Mozart by the Count Walsegg , a Viennese nobleman who wanted to “buy” an anonymous work to be subsequently presented under his name as a tribute to his recently dead wife. Mozart who since some years did not frequent sacred music accepted the offer without considering that his health condition would not have permitted him to finish the work. This last composition was not only a creative exercise but also a dramatic reflection of his near death. It was later completed by his pupil Franz Xaver Süssmayr – who probably gathered some ideas of the maestro- the Requiem is the undisputedly masterpiece of Mozart.

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