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Ore 21:00
Città di Castello – Teatro degli Illuminati
Largo Monsignore Giovanni Muzi
Citta Di Castello, PG 06012 Italy

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From Barocco to Jazz

Balet Nàrodnìlo Divadla Moravskoslezského National Theatre Ballet of  Moravia-Silesia

Aprés Rasage choreography by Regina Hofmanova, music by Astor Piazzolla, italian premiere
O Balcão de Amor choreography by Itzik Galili, music by Pérez Prado
Barocco choreography by Jacek Przybyłowicz, music by Johann Sebastian Bach

From the Rio de la Plata seductions to the Mitteleuropa sophistication , through the hot Caribbean waters: this is when music leads every single movement of the body and it inspires the art of choreography. These are some of the suggestions that emerge from the triptyc of the National Theatre Ballet of Moravia Silesia, a company which connects to the world from the heart of Europe.
The ensemble was founded by and Italian man, in Ostrava in 1919, soon after the collapse of the Austrian-hungarian empire; Achille Viscusi was a Roman who called Bohemia home after working in Europe, Russia and Brazil, and dedicated his work to the improvement of the ballet in his new country. The company today is very versatile and is regarded as one of the biggest in the Czech republic thanks to dancers coming from different continents and to the carnet de bal composition.
The triptyc offers three different choreographic features by Regina Hofmanova, Jacek Przybyłowicz and Itzik Galili, they all have different sensitivities and tastes. Moving from the music of Piazzolla, Bach and Pérez Prado, these works investigate the male / female relationship, the body’s impulses as an art instrument and the dynamics between the single man and the community.

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