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Città di Castello – Chiesa di San Domenico
Via Giovanni Muzi Betti, 5D
Città di Castello, 06012 Italia

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Beijing mass
XVIII-21 Le Baroque Nomade

Yang Shuang soprano
Kuang Min
Wang Yaping
yangqin, voice
Li Yan erhu, voice
Wen Tingya percussions, voice
Wang Weiping pipe, voice
François Picard organ, xiao
Mathieu Dupouy organ, harpsichord
Nanja Breedijk harp
Jérôme Hantai viola da gamba

Jean-Christophe Frisch flaute, serpentone, director
Corale Marietta Alboni ensemble and Schola Cantorum Anton Maria Abbatini
prepared by Marcello Marini and Alessandro Bianconi


* Actiones nostras
* Acte d’humilité: Kyrie
* Aspersion de l’eau bénite: Gloria – Credo – Sanctus
* Elévation de l’hostie

Simon Boyleau (in Tempio armonico by Giovenale Ancina)
For the Virgin nativity: first part
* Salve regina
For the Virgin nativity: second part
* Sanctissima
For the Virgin nativity: third part
* Pater Noster: Agnus Dei
* Prière pour la communion

Teodorico Pedrini
Sonata X
Grave – Allegro – Adagio – Grave – Allegro – Sarabanda vivace – Minuetto – Adagio – Giga  

* Prière à Jésus Christ
* Prière au Saint-Sacrement
* Prière après l’office
* Ave Maria

Jesuite missioners in China  played a key role in the cultural interaction between east and west.Many of them left for the far east to accomplish their duty of spreading the word of God.
During their travels they wrote memoirs, travel diaries and other texts which very much influenced the cultured European elites especially during the age of Enlightement.
At this time firsts tests of cultural encounters were made: Christian dogmas were paired with Confucius’ doctrines, and similar approaches were also taken in scientific, historic and musical contexts.Director Jean-Christophe Frisch and his ensemble XVIII-21 Le Baroque Nomade will offer the Beijing Jesuits mass, a musical liturgical reconstruction with texts taken from Cahiers de musique sacrée as transmitted by missioner Joseph Marie Amiot: western language is mized with Chinese melodies.
Lauda per la Beata Vergine is also included , one of the few music texts kept at the French Jesuits library of Beijing.






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