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Nijinsky tribute

Compagnia EgriBiancoDanza – art direction Susanna Egri and Raphael Bianco
choreography  Raphael Bianco and Susanna Egri
assistant Elena Rolla
maître de ballet Vincenzo Galano
lights Enzo Galia

dancers Elisa Bertoli, Simona Bogino, Maela Boltri, Vincenzo Criniti, Lara di Nallo, Vanessa Franke, Cristian Magurano, Paolo Piancastelli, Alessandro Romano, Raphael Bianco

production Fondazione Egri per la Danza supported by MIBAC Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali, Regione Piemonte, Fondazione CRT, Città di Torino

Après-midi d’un Faune
choreography Raphael Bianco
music Claude Debussy, Salvatore Sciarrino
scenes Emanuele Luzzati
costumes Gemana Landolfi

Jeux (les jeux des sports, les jeux de l’amour)
choreography by Susanna Egri
music Claude Debussy

Shadows labyrinth
choreography by Raphael Bianco
music Maurice Ravel, Meredith Monk
scenes Ivano Coviello
costumes Gemana Landolfi


Three choreographies dedicated to the genius of Vaslav Nijinsky, inspired by his historical creations and thought to pay a tribute to his incredible life as an artist.
Après-midi d’un Faune is a 2002 ballet created by Raphael Bianco for Luigi Bonino: in a college, during sleep time, the boys’ desires come to surface, just like the ones of their tutor. 
Jeux is a 1969 Susanna Egri creation, inspired by  Nijinsky plot: a love triangle set on a tennis match.
Shadow labyrinth is more introspective, a piece made on the 30th anniversary of the asylums’ closure due to the Basaglia law: “this is for me the true soul of Nijinsky – stated choreographer Raphael Bianco – wandering in a shadow labyrinth: timeless, dreamless defenseless without return”.
EgriBiancoDanza, company directed by Susanna Egri and Raphael Bianco was born in Turin in 1999. It stands out for its social and spiritual value; its excellence and versatility gained the favour of the audience and critics, and it has imposed as one of the most interesting ballet companies in Italy.



Date: 6 September 2019
Time: 21:00
Location: Città di Castello – Teatro degli Illuminati
Indirizzo: Largo Monsignore Giovanni Muzi
Citta Di Castello, PG 06012 Italy

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