Alberto Burri National Contest


Music chamber groups who wish to partecipate should apply with certified letter within 5th august 2019 (postal timber is proof of validity) to: Associazione Festival delle Nazioni Onlus – Via G. Marconi 8a – Città di Castello 06012 (PG).

applications should include:

Personal data of each partecipant (General Data form must be filled by each single member of the group)
GENERAL DATA FORM – Must be filled in by each member of the group.
–composition of the chamber music group (specify the type of instruments in the group and the respective players)
–name of the chamber music group and curriculum (Chamber music group IDENTIFICATION FORM)
Chamber music group IDENTIFICATION FORM
–each member should submit evidence of the title (or self-certification) obtained by a Conservatory or musical high school.
– telephone number of the chamber music group;
– Programme.
application must include receipt of payment of 30 € for each member of the group, payments are made by money transfer: Banca Nazionale Lavoro, Ag. di Città di Castello, IBAN code IT 66 H 01005 21600 0000 0000 7432 description: Iscrizione Concorso nazionale “Alberto Burri per gruppi giovanili di Musica da Camera”
The account holder is Associazione Festival delle Nazioni Onlus – Via G. Marconi 8/a – Città di Castello 06012 PG.
Uncomplete applications will not be accepted.