Chorale Akn

Wednesday 3rd September, 6.30 p.m.

Morra, San Crescentino Oratory

Chorale Akn
Minas Lourian narrator
Aram Kerovpyan conductor

Sharagan Patrum from the Resurrection period, in the second side mode
Suite of Miserere Sharagan for the Resurrection, in the second voice mode
Ode to the Resurrection by Saint Nerses the Gracious
Suite of Sharagan for the Resurrection, in the fourth side mode
Suite of Sharagan De Caelis for the Resurrection, in the first side mode
Suite of Sharagan De Caelis in the third side mode

In collaboration with the The Research center and documentation of Armenian culture in Venice

Before the beginning of the concert, the scheduled passage will be presented by Minas Lourian, director of the Research Center and documetation in Venice.

The liturgical music is considered to be the most important part of the Armenian music, for sure it is one of the oldest and richest, but however linked to the profane music, in fact, the modal system which establishes the basis of the liturgical music was the same of the gusan: the Armenian “troubadours”. The Chorale Akn iso ne of the most famous Ensemble to perform and promote this repertoire. Its vocation is to develope and revive the interpretation of the traditional liturgical music of Armenia. The shows of the choir reflect the research directed by Aram Kerovpyan since 1990, which brought to the creation of the Research Center founded in Paris in 1998. The interpretation of the choir develops on the basis of the traditional groups of cantors ordered by the Armenian Church, that is a ritual almost in disuse because of the gradual demise of the parish churhes and the diffusion of the western music.