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Wednesday 26 August 9 p.m.

Città di Castello, Monumental Cemetery

Multimedial project for Festival 2015 PREMIERE 

Gabriella Zanchi soprano
Leonora Baldelli piano
Corale “Marietta Alboni”
Marcello Marini choir conductor
Maurizio Perugini narrator
Text and history documentation by Alvaro Tacchini
Alberto Brizzi e Marco Capaccioni sound direction – moltimedia

E. A. Mario, “La leggenda del Piave” for choir, soprano and piano

Certain dates in history are unforgettable, among them 1914, when Europe was set alight by a war which soon became worldwide and caused the death of nearly ten million people. Although initially neutral, Italy joined the conflict on 25th May 1915, declaring war on Austria-Hungary.
Without wishing to enquire into the motives for the war – because every war is essentially unjust and deplorable – the new multimedial project of the Festival gives a voice to the Tiber Valley and to those of its inhabitants who experienced the hopes and fears of the War, and to the ideals of a period which has had a profound effect on our life today.
The words written in diaries, letters and memoirs by those people, with choral music and popular songs now part of our traditional repertoire, form a tapestry in which images and music of the period are woven together in an original reconstruction and elaboration of live music.