Roberto Vignoli e Iulia Ratiu

Wednesday 26 August 6 p.m.

Morra, San Crescentino Oratory

Roberto Vignoli saxophone
2014 “Alberto Burri” Award winner
Iulia Ratiu piano

Emilio Ghezzi, Sonatina in forma di tema con variazioni su “Una furtiva lagrima” di Gaetano Donizetti for alto saxophone and piano PREMIERE
Franz Schubert, Ungarische Melodie D817 in B minor for piano
Giacomo Fossa, Naturlaut for saxophone and piano PREMIERE
Victor Morosco, Blue Caprice for alto saxophone
Erwin Schulhoff, Ragtime da 5 Pittoresken Op. 31 for piano
Erwin Schulhoff, Maxixe da 5 Pittoresken Op. 31 for piano
Erwin Schulhoff, Hot-Sonate Sonata jazz for alto saxophone and piano

New music and emerging talent are the ingredients of the afternoon concert in the splendid Oratorio of San Crescentino at Morra.  Performing in front of Luca Signorelli’s famous fresco of the Flagellation will be Roberto Vignoli, the winner of last year’s ‘Alberto Burri’ prize for young musicians, who traditionally are offered the opportunity of playing as a soloist in the main programme of the Festival.  The programme contains the first performance of two interesting new  compositions.  ‘Naturlaut’ is a work by an emerging young composer, Giacomo Fossa: a piece which, as the title indicates, suggesting the sounds of a forest and far-off bird song, brings to mind some Mahlerian themes.  The ‘Sonatina’ by Emilio Ghezzi –  teacher, musicologist and writer as well as an established composer – could appear to be a tribute to the many 19th century fantasies on famous opera themes, but on the contrary it is an original 20th century style composition with a formal complex format and fugue in the final movement.