Mondelci bn

FRIDAY, 26TH AUGUST 2016 -9 P.M.

San Giustino, Court of Castello Bufalini



Le Saxo Ensemble
Federico Mondelci conductor and saxophone
Massimo Morganti trombone

JACQUES IBERT Concertino da camera for alto saxophone and 11 instruments
DARIUS MILHAUD Scaramouche for saxophone and string ensemble, winds and percussions
EUGENE BOZZA Aria for saxophone and strings
JEAN FRANÇAIX Cinq Dances exotiques per sassofono e archi
Plaisir d’Amour Suite of American and french songs (arrangements by Massimo Morganti)


The saxophone is the emblematic instrument of the nation which created and adopted it: France. Some original masterpieces drawn from the French literature of the twentieth century – signed by Ibert, Milhaud, Bozza and Françaix – will enable Federico Mondelci to explore the many technical and expressive potential of this instrument, which knew its popularity between the nineteenth and twentieth century, even thanks to its ease of sound it will become the protagonist of many popular genres.
Among these, of course, there is jazz: the second part of the concert will offer – next to some French songs- a suite of the most beloved songs of George Gershwin in the arrangement of the trombonist Massimo Morganti. It makes clear how subtle, in certain moment of the twentieth century, the border between classical music and jazz, and how different melodies, then become standard, are now common to both repertoires.
The Saxo includes, among its components, both classical and jazz musicians, who look thoughtful for the expression of a perfect balance between classical and improvised music. The classic sound is obtained from an ensemble of strings, winds and percussion, to which is added, in the second part of the programme, a rhythm section made up of semi-acoustic guitar, drums and bass.