Sansepolcro, Auditorium of Santa Chiara


Daniele Lombardi critical introduction
Winner singers of the 2015-2016 contests
from the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale of Spoleto «A. Belli»

Enrico Cicconofri, Luca Spinosa e Daniele Lombardi piano

ALBERTO SAVINIO Les Chants de la Mi-mort Suite
GIAN FRANCESCO MALIPIERO da Cinq mélodies: Chanson morave,
Le Jeux Couleur du temps, Pégase, texts by di Victor Margueritte
ALBERTO SAVINIO Chants étranges: extracts
JACQUES OFFENBACH Ba-ta-clan: selection

In the early twentieth century Paris is already an international city: still excited by the Impressionist revolution, this is where the greatest artists of all time meet, and the ‘key word’ for arts and music is ‘freedom of expression’. The optimism of the Belle Époque era is fading, nothing can be the same again. It is the beginning of modernity. Let’s think about Malipiero: Paris was decisive for his artistic career, after attending the première of Le Sacre du printemps, he decided to repudiate much of the works composed before 1913. Soon after he arose the Cinq mélodies. Or let’s consider Alberto Savino, one of the most subersive and anti-academic artists: in 1914 he introduced at the Soirées Musicales, Les Chants de la Mi-mort, playing standing and coming to hurt his hands in a performance that baffled the audience.
In this new show of the ‘Sperimentale’, the winners of the European contest for young singers, give voice to some of the paths followed by the music in that period – which coincided with the outbreak of the Great War and marked by the need for renewal. Also, it will be an occasion to remember a tragic moment in our current when we will listening to Ba-ta-clan, the operetta by Offenbach after which is named the concert hall in Paris, infamous for the bloody attack last November.