Foto di RP Guerzoni

Tuesday 2nd September, 6.30 p.m.

Città di Castello, San Domenico Church

Marco Polo
musical journey by Flavio Albanese, Ara Malikian, Sirvart Churkhmé

music by Niccolò Paganini, Antonio Vivaldi, Antonín Dvořák, Aram Khačaturjan, Ara Malikian
text by Flavio Albanese
animated cartoon by Gosha Ljahoveckij

Flavio Albanese narrator
Ara Malikian violin
Luis Gallo guitar

Niccolò Paganini, The Carnival of Venice op. 10
Ara Malikian, Zouv
Antonio Vivaldi, “The spring” from The four seasons
Ara Malikian e Luis Gallo, Arev
Ciocarlia Romanan folk music
Antonín Dvořák, “When my mother taught me song” from Gypsy Songs
Aram Khačaturjan, “Sabre Dance” from Gajaneh
Ara Malikian, Pisando Flores

Video and animation Studio “M.I.R.” Mosca
Irina Margolina, Dmitry Naumov, Alexandr Guriev, Kirill Lunkin

Video processing and lights Cristina Spelti – Promusic

Production ARA MALIKIAN and ATER
in collaboration with the “Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Modena”

The 6.30 p.m. performance will take place in traveling version departing from the Saint Domenico’s Church, and will see the participation of the students of the Municipal School of Music “G. Puccini” in Città di Castello.

Ara, the Armenian violinist; Flavio, the Italian narrator and Gosha, the Russian painter will tell to the public the most famous journey in the world: The Million by Marco Polo a theatrical cartoon, a carnival of figures which will involve the public interchanging games, music and images. Leaving from Venice the protagonists of this story will climb the Ararat Mount in Armenia, where according to the legend, the Noah’s ark beached after  having passed villages and deserts in Asia and rich cities such as Samarcanda to reach Cambaluc, in the actual China, where the terrible nephew of Gengis Khan lives; the great Kublai Khan. Several are the adventures we face before going back to Venice. “ It’s impossibile to distinguish reality from fantasy in such a story- claims Flavio Albanese- and maybe even useless. Marco Polo exists and fascinates usa s a myth, getting close to him is like approaching the deepest part of ourselves”.