Foto Erica Andreini

Thursday 4th September, 9 p.m.

Città di Castello, San Domenico Church

Voices from silence

Mario Brunello cello
Gabriella Caramore narrator

Max Reger, Suite n. 2 in D minor op. 131 for cello
Tigran Mansurian, Capriccio for cello
Vache Sharafyan, Cello breath for cello PREMIERE
Vache Sharafyan, The dance of Cello for cello PREMIERE
Anonimo, Armenian sings for cello (transcription by Mario Brunello)


The musical story by Mario Brunello will be interlaced with the story told by Gabriella Caramore bout the voices which have often given depth to the silence surrounding the history of Armenia.
From the one of Gregorio Narek and Nerses of Lambron promoters of an essential and open- to-
the- world spirtituality; to the one of Armin Wegner, witness of the Armenian genocide, who tried to stop the horror; and to Vasilij Grossman, who exactly in those fields of arid stones saw prosper “the goodness and a life lived according to the Truth” . The country of the screaming stones”, as Osip Mandel’štam descrive Armenia, is alsoa place where you can listen to the sound of the human ocation. In the musical path among“ the voices from silence”, Brunello compare sto the second uite for cello by Max Reger, the Caprice by the contemporary composer Tigran Mansurian and acient Armenian pieces form the tradition presented with their original transcriptions, confirming himself as one of the most versatile and eclectic contemporary musician.