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Thursday 28th August, 9 p.m.

Città di Castello, San Domenico Church

Armenian Spirit

Hespèrion XXI
Viva Biancaluna Biffi viola
David Mayoral percussions
Jordi Savall rebec, vielle, viola and conductor

Aram Movsisyan voice
Georgi Minassyan and Haïg Sarikouyoumdjian duduk
Gaguik Mouradian kamancha

Anonymous Azat astvatsn & Ter kedzo (Ode to the freedom and plea for the Armenians)
Traditional songs and dances
Sayat Nova Dun en glkhen (Plea to the king before the exile)
Hov arek Traditional song (Lament), collected by Vardapet Komitas
Improvisation with the duduk
Sayat Nova Kani vur djan im (Song of love)
Tigran Tchukhadjian O’h intsh anush (Song of exile)
Barde Djivan Ov siroun, siroun (Song in double interpretation, in which the army and the native land mix up)
Improvisation with the duduk
Al aylukhs (Twirl: amorous dialogue) traditional song, collected by Komitas
Wedding traditional songs, collected by Vardapet Komitas
Vorp Ani karaki vera (Lament about the city of Ani) traditional song
Taksim and traditional dance
Alagyeaz & Khnki tsar, traditional popular song, collected by Vardapet Komitas
Gusan Ashot En sarer (Lament)
Gabriel Yeranian Hayastan yerkir (Ode to the native land)
Garun a Traditional popular song, collected by Vardapet Komitas
Tigran Tchukhadjian Menk kadj tohmi (Song of fight)
In collaboration with  Departament de Cultura della Generalitat de Catalunya  and the l‘Institut Ramon Llull

Jordi Savall is an extraordinary figure in the actual musical panorama. He has dedicated himself for more than 30 years to the discovery of abandoned musical treasures; 30 years of research and study, both as a violist and as a conductor. In addition to the Mediterranean people, Savall paid his attention even to the musical traditions of the Orient, such as the Armenian one; a heritage of which remains just a few written testimonies. Spirit of Armenia is a project which places side by side the instruments of the Ensemble Hesperion XXI and some Armenian musicians, great interpreters of the traditional repertoire with ancient instruments. Thanks to that concert we could listen to the sound of Kamancha; one of the violin ancestors, and above all we could listen to the duduk; a sort of oboe with a double reed, the most ancient Armenian instrument, which became a symbol of the National identity. Savall recorded the music of Spirit of Armenia in 2012, on a cd published by Alia Vox, winner of the prestigious prize Echo Klassik 2013, one of the most aspired reward in the classical music field.