Bregovic HR

Thursday 27 August 9 p.m.

Città di Castello, Garden of Palazzo Vitelli at Sant’Egidio


Goran Bregovic and The Wedding&Funeral Band

Goran Bregovic voice, guitar, synthesizer
Muharem Redžepi goc (traditional bass drum), voice
Bokan Stankovic first trumpet
Dragic Velickovic second trumpet
Stojan Dimov saxophone, clarinet
Aleksandar Rajkovic first trombone, glockenspiel
Milos Mihajlovic second trombone
Ludmila Radkova Trajkova voice
Vanya Todorova Vakari voice

Goran Bregovic was born in Sarajevo in 1950, to a Serbian mother and a Croat father. This morsel of information about the self-taught musician is sufficient to carry one’s memory back 100 years, to the outbreak of the First World War. The pretext was the assassination of the heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand, immediately causing the collapse of the fragile balance of power in Europe. The causes, at least partly, lay in the delicate situation in the Balkans, with the Serbian minority, to which the assassin Gavrilo Princip, fiercely ‘irridentista’, belonged; and the Croatian component which aimed at a federal system. These contrasting forces led to the breakdown of what at the start of the 20th century was the magnificent and multi-ethnic Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Not only Bregovic’s DNA but also his style and his music reflect the multi-cultural character of the Empire. Pop-rock and classical music, Byzantine litanies and Balkan folk, snatches and fanfares from villages – mixed together with an aesthetic Western gloss. The thread which binds all these ‘splinters’ is Bregovic’s skill in sublimating the traditional material and transforming it through a contemporary language into a surreal, ironic and lyrical dimension, easily understood in any latitude.