Ensemble stumentale Orchestra da camera di Perugia

Sunday 31st August, 9 p.m.

Sansepolcro, Santa Chiara Auditorium

Poetry on stage
by Cosimo Damiano Damato and Giuliano Grittini

music by Vache Sharafyan e Filippo Fanò, commision of the Festival delle Nazioni
poems by Alda Merini, Cosimo Damiano Damato, Giuliano Grittini,
Movses Khorenatsi e Yeghishe Charents
translations by Vache Sharafyan e Bendek Zsigmond
directed by Cosimo Damiano Damato

Instrumental Ensemble of the Perugia Chamber Orchestra
Pamela Villoresi voice

As every year, the Festival delle Nazioni pays attention to the promotion of the contemporary music, assigning new compositions to italian artists and to those artists who come from the guested Nation. To Filippo Fanò and Vache Sharafyan, the two protagonist composers of this edition, has been asked to create a work inspired to the poetry: the ones of Alda Merini, Movses Khorenatsi and Yeghishe Charents. The result, after this double project, is an evocative show made by music, poetry and images directed by the director Cosimo Damiano Damato, narrated by the voice of Pamela Villoresi. The premiere performance of the musics is committed to the Instrumental Ensemble of the Chamber Orchestra of Perugia, a group which was born thanks to the Umbrian musicians’ experience in the spread of the music culture.