Ensemble della Nuova Orchestra Scarlatti

Saturday 30th August, 9 p.m.

Citerna, San Michele Church

Baroque Ensemble of the New Scarlatti Orchestra
Cristina Grifone soprano
Tommaso Rossi recorder and transverse flute

music of the musical fund of the Saint Gregory the Armenian’s monastery in Naples
programme and revision by Tommaso Rossi

Anonymous, Ode for Saint Gregory the Armenian
Giovan Battista Pergolesi, Laetatus sum in his, Gloria Patri, Sicut erat in principio from Laetatus sum for soprano, strings and basso continuo
Francesco Mancini, Concerto in G minor for flute, violins, viola and basso continuo
Cristoph Willibald Gluck, “Che farò mesta e dolente” from Orfeo
Pasquale Anfossi, “Frena quel pianto amaro” from Nitteti
Aniello Sant’Angelo, Concerto in G major for transverse flute, strings and basso continuo
Leonardo Vinci, “Vò solcando un mar crudele” from Artaserse

The first monastic community of Saint Gregory the Armenian in Naples was founded by a small group of Armenian Basilian Sisters, escaping from the persecutions of Costantine Copronymus, called “the Iconoclastic”. The Sisters brought with themselves a precious relic, the skull of Saint Gregory “the Illuminator”, bishop of the Armenian Church, who persuaded the the king Tridate III to convert to Christianity all the Nation in 301 AC. The concent, after the passage to the Benedectine rule, became one of the richest and important in Naples. An intense musical activity was conducted in the convent, linked both to the liturgical and profane music, which involved important musicians and orchestras. The concert of Baroque Ensemble of the New Orchestra Scarlatti from Naples, will give us the opportunity to explore the musical archive kept in the Convent , performing some of the pages still conserved in there and yet to be catalogued: compositions dedicated to those Sisters who were particularly talented for music, or compositions copied from other famous works and compositions made by the Sisters themselves.