9th september
9.00 pm

Città di Castello, Chiesa di San Domenico


Orchestra della Toscana
Leonid Grin director

Laura Andreini soprano
Chiara Chialli mezzo-soprano
Mauro Borgioni baritone
Edoardo Milletti tenor

Corale Marietta Alboni
Marcello Marini choir master

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN Symphony n. 9 in D minor op. 125 for solos , choir and orchestra

Long off from the Festival programme, the n.9 symphony is one of Germany’s most important symphonies and a musical monument of all times.
The composition of this impressive symphonic fresco – revolutionary not only for the presence of solos and choir – took Beethoven a large parte of his life.
He made some notes since 1794 which were later introduced in other works. It may well be that the very idea to make music for the Schiller’s ode came during the University years in Bonn. An die Freunde is a 1785 text and a symbol of the ideals of the young Germans.
Only in 1823 he totally devoted himself to this composition which premiered in Vienna the following year: a memorable concert at the presence of the author himself despite his bad health.
The audience responded with enthusiasm waving handkerchiefs instead of applauding to an already deaf Beethoven.
With the eloquence of the Ode to joy the three year programme of the festival dedicated to the first world war comes to an end with a hint of hope.