8th september
9.00 pm

Città di Castello, Teatro degli Illuminati



Conference with dances on the poetics, technique and creativity of Pina Bausch

by and with Cristiana Morganti

produced by Il Funaro – Pistoia
supported by the Pina Bausch Foundation – Wuppertal

Cristina Morganti has been working at the Tanztheater in Wuppertal for over twenty years. Her proposal is a journey through the universe of Pina Bausch as seen from a dancer’s point of view. How is a solo constructed? What is the relation between emotion and movement? When does gesture become dance? What it the relation between dancer and screenplay? And above all how do we create the mysterious and magical connection between the artist and the audience?
With her live performance of some extracts from the Tanztheater repertoire Morganti tells her artistic and human relation with the great german choreographer. She lets us discover how much attention to detail was paid by Pina Bausch with her language of movements.