Monday 31 August 6 p.m.

Sansepolcro, Santa Chiara Auditorium

Michele Marasco flute
Paolo Taballione flute
Marta Cencini piano
Trio d’archi dell’UmbriaEnsemble
Franco Mezzena violin
Luca Ranieri viola
Maria Cecilia Berioli cello

Ludwig van Beethoven, Serenade in D major Op. 41 for flute and piano
(Michele Marasco flute)
Ferruccio Busoni, Duo in E minor Op. 43 for two flutes and piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Quartet in C major for flute and strings No. 3 K.Ahn171
(Michele Marasco flute)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Quartet in D major for flute and strings No. 1 K285
(Paolo Taballione flute)


One of the starting points for reflection presented by this edition of the
Festival is listening to the music of the great composers of the classical tradition. The Viennese musicians between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th had to face the challenge of moving on from an extraordinary and elaborate past, in no way a simple progression but a painful one, deeply and stressfully experienced. The concert offers an example illustrative of this challenge by presenting music for the flute by the great composers of the first Viennese school alongside a piece for two flutes by Ferruccio Busoni of 1880.
Marasco and Taballione, both exceptional musicians, alternate with each other in interpreting some pearls of the repertoire for flute and strings or for flute and pianoforte: from the Beethoven Serenade op. 41, simple and elegant enough to be dubbed a Beethovenian ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusic’; to the two Mozart quartets. Moving on a century, the two flautists converse in their interpretation of ‘Duo’ by Busoni, who, from his student days and throughout his brilliant international career as composer and performer, maintained a close and sometimes fraught relationship with the great capital of the Empire.