Courses are addressed to students who hold an Italian or foreign diploma, attending the last 2 years of their academic course in a conservatory, academy of music or highly specialized musical institute. The selection of students is based on their professional experience, qualifications and curricula. The criteria will be set up and followed by the Maestros responsible for the courses. The candidate will have to follow the examination program if specified.

Admission Form 

Te admission FORM must be submitted before July the 31st 2015 together with the payment of the admission FEE.
The FORM can be filled up and sent:
1) Through the Festival website: in the section Admission
2) By fax at the: +39 075 8552461.
The form must be completely and correctly filled in.
It is also necessary to send the receipt for the payment of the admission fee, by mail or fax +39 075 8552461.
The admission fee must be paid and include the name of the student, as follows:
1)Postal payment slip on the Postal account n. 13420062;
2)Bank transfer on Banca Nazionale Lavoro agenzia di Città di Castello, IBAN code: IT 66 H 01005 21600 0000 0000 7432.
In both cases the holder is: Associazione Festival delle Nazioni Onlus Via Marconi 8, 06012 Città di Castello (PG).

The students selected for the course must pay the attendance fee within 2 days after the beginning of the courses. In case the student doesn’t attend the courses, no refund is given for the admission fee. All changes in the didactic schedule will be rapidly communicated to the students.

The admission request form must be accompanied by a signed curriculum of the student and a copy of an ID.

Coursestarting dateending dateAdmission feeAttendance feeAuditors fee
VIOLADanilo Rossi23 August29 AugustEuro 100,00Euro 160,00Euro 80,00

Federico Mondelci23 August29 AugustEuro 100,00
Euro 160,00
Euro 80,00
ENSEMBLE MUSIC FOR ANCIENT INSTRUMENTS Enrico Gatti23 August29 AugustEuro 100,00Euro 100,00Euro 50,00
FLUTEMichele Marasco and Paolo Taballione30 August

5 SeptemberEuro 100,00Euro 160,00Euro 80,00

Riccardo Risaliti30 August5 SeptemberEuro 100,00
Euro 160,00
Euro 80,00

Pierpaolo Maurizzi
30 August

5 SeptemberEuro 100,00Euro 100,00Euro 50,00

“ALBERTO BURRI” award for young musicians  

A commission of experts will evaluate the soloists’ performances. The prize is a grant. The 2015 edition of the award is dedicated to the Chamber music class.


Single courses will dispose of specific grants given by private or public bodies, according to criteria established by the Artistic Direction and courses Maestros.

Further Information 

Once in Città di Castello, the students can always ask for information and rely on:Festival delle Nazioni Association – Via Marconi, 8 a Città di Castello from 10AM to 1PM and from 3PM to 6PM or call the 0039 075 852 11 42.On their arrival, students will be given a folder containing some useful material for visiting the town and the date, time and place where the course-fee will be collected.
The Festival Offices can also provide information on accommodation in town. For further details, please call the Città di Castello info tourism at: 075.8554922 or write an email to:

For information and admission 

Associazione Festival delle Nazioni Onlus
Via G. Marconi,8 – 06012 Città di Castello PG
Tel 075 8521142 / Fax 075 8552461 |