CAPUCON RENAUD_Marc Ribes (c) FLC- ADAGP, Paris 2007

Renaud Capuçon/Jérôme Ducros
MONDAY, 29TH AUGUST 2016- 9 P.M.

Città di Castello, Church of  San Domenico

Renaud Capuçon violin
Jérôme Ducros piano

WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART Sonata n. 21 in E minor for violin and piano KV 304 / KV6 300c
MAURICE RAVEL Sonata n. 2 in G major for violin and piano
MAURICE RAVEL Tzigane version for violin and piano
RICHARD STRAUSS Sonata in E-flat major for violin and piano op. 18

Two prestigious interpreters and a beautiful programme, from Mozart to Ravel, make of this concert one of the most anticipated events in 2016 Festival edition. Renaud Capuçon does not need many presentations: he is one of the most interesting violinists of the scene today. Born in 1976 in Chambéry, and in career for over twenty years, playing an instrument Guarneri del Gesù ex-Panette dated 1737, the same precious violin that accompanied Isaac Stern for about fifty years, bought for him by the Banque Suisse Italienne. In dialogue with Capuçon, there is a close-knit musical partner, the pianist Jérôme Ducros, with whom he has already recorded concerts in the most prestigious halls.
The programme is challenging and traces three crucial stages in the history of the Sonata for this duo. From the classicism of Mozart’s Sonata KV 304 – composed in 1778 during his third stay in Paris- to the ‘extremes’ of the genre with two pages of the twenties of the twentieth century; the Tzigane and the Sonata no. 2 of Ravel, for which he said that violin and piano are two “essentially incompatible instruments”; in between there is the op. 18 by Richard Strauss, the last of his youthful compositions, composed between 1887 and 1888.