3rd september
9.00 pm

Montone, Chiesa di San Francesco



film screening: Die Büchse der Pandora by GEORG WILHELM PABST
from texts by FRANK WEDEKIND
introduction by Ivan Teobaldelli

original music by Daniele Furlati, live piano playing

Die Büchse der Pandora is a silent 1929 film inspired to the dyptich by Frank Wedekind – Earth spirit, 1895 and Pandora’s box, 1902- centered on the intriguing figure of Lulu. Like many other characters created by the German playwriter, this femme fatale, with her unrestraiend sexuality, hugely impressed the audience at the turn of the century, the same years when Freud was leading his reasearch of psychoanalysis. The scandal was not only due to the theme of sexuality but also to the tale of a marginalised and unconventional woman who tried to break the rules of the 19 century good mannered society. Wedekind with his writing between naturalism and expressionism really intrepreted the turbolences of the turn of the century and Pabst thirty years later succeeded in taking everything to the big screen. A good deal is also due to the sensual acting of Louise Brooks who became a well known star with this film.
Live music by Daniele Furlati adds particular fascination to the silent film section which started last year with the project dedicated to the Lumiere brothers.