2nd september
«…e immediatamente diventai sapiente»
6.00 PM

 Sansepolcro, Auditorium Santa Chiara

«…e immediatamente diventai sapiente»
The unknown language of Hildegard von Bingen
text by Guido Barbieri
music by Francesco Maria Paradiso  
based on an idea by Federica Lotti

Ipazia, àchranton àstron for flute/voice, live electronics (2012)
music by Luigi Sammarchi

Emanuela Faraglia voice
Pamela Lucciarini soprano
Federica Lotti flute
Stefano Alessandretti live electronics
Massimo Marchi live electronics and sound direction


commissioned by Festival delle Nazioni
coproduction Festival delle Nazioni and Agon Acustica Informatica Musica

«…e immediatamente diventai sapiente» is proof of how much the Festival is sensitive to new forms of musical and original productions, and open to the most interesting artists of today. This year’s performance is a coproduction with AGON Acustica Informatica Musica,  center of production and research, based in Milan. It started its activity in 1990 and it is characterized by using digital  technology in musical and artistic production.
This new production tells the story of Hildegard von Bingen, a fascinating religious figure of the Middle Age who was also writer, musician, composer, philosopher, healer, naturalist and much more. It is a tale told in electronic music played by a solo flute. The original music has been commissioned by the Catania born composer Francesco Maria Paradiso, texts are by music critic Guido Barbieri.