4th september
6.00 pm

 Città di Castello, Parco di Villa Montesca

I Fiati di Parma
Claudio Paradiso director

RICHARD STRAUSS Wind serenade in E flat major, op. 7

WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART Selection from wind serenade n. 10 in B flat major KV 361Gran partita

RICHARD STRAUSS Wind Symphonie in E flat major Fröhliche Werkstatt


in collaboration with Fondazione Hallgarten Franchetti Centro Studi Villa Montesca

in memory of Baron Leopoldo Franchetti

“I cannot write about Mozart, I can just adore him” such was Richard Strauss’ answer to the request of a foreword for a Mozart’s biography. The admiration for the genius of Salzburg was the main uninterrupted underlying theme of Strauss whole life; at 80 he decided to dedicate his Sonatina in E flat – renamed Symphonie für Bläser – to “the everlasting spirit of Mozart to whom much of my life is indebted”. It is a complex piece which refers to his early important work: Serenade op. 7 which brought him von Bulow’s attention and marked his professional debut as composer and orchestra conductor. With the performance of Serenade op. 7 and a selection from the Gran Partita by Mozart, Fiati di Parma wish to highlight how much Mozart influenced Strauss production and at the same time the huge and substantial contribution of the latter for the development of music for winds.