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Città di Castello, Church of San Domenico



Catherine Spaak voice-over
Massimo Mercelli flute
Olga Arzilli viola
Fulvio Fiorio flute
Nicoletta Sanzin harp
Tiziana Tornari harp

CLAUDE DEBUSSY Sonata for flute, viola and harp
CLAUDE DEBUSSY Prèmiere Arabesque for 2 harps
CLAUDE DEBUSSY Syrinx for flute
CLAUDE DEBUSSY Chansons de Bilitis for voice, 2 flutes and 2 harps, texts by Pierre Louÿs

Catherine Spaak is fine narrator of the Chansons de Bilitis by Claude Debussy, a collection of songs based on Pierre Louys’ erotic poems, which he had ‘translated’ in French – as he falsely claimed on the occasion of the publication – because it was the result of an archaeological find of the Greek poet Bilitis, but actually inspired by a charming Algerian dancer. Even once discovered the literary device, the Chansons did not stop to unleash a sensual and archaic grace, enhanced by the music of Debussy, the protagonist composer of this evening.
Great innovator and tutelary deity of the twentieth century, Debussy has pioneered the music of modernity, by deeply revolutionising the musical language in favor of new sounds that change the traditional concepts of time, melody, rhythm and harmony. The modern character of his music is also evident in other passages of the programme: in the Trio where the classic combination of violin, cello and piano is replaced by a more persuasive combination of flute, viola and harp; in the Prèmiere Arabesque proposed here in the transcription for two harps, finally in the Syrinx, where only fluid flute sounds are played and enhanced.