Lortie 2014 2 credit  PLUSHMUSIC

Louis Lortie

Città di Castello, Church of San Domenico


Louis Lortie piano

GABRIEL FAURÉ Préludes op. 103
CLAUDE DEBUSSY Préludes: selection from the First Book
GABRIEL FAURÉ Nocturne n. 4 in E-flat major op. 36
GABRIEL FAURÉ Nocturne n. 6 in D-flat major op. 63
MAURICE RAVEL Gaspard de la nuit

The pianist Louis Lortie is considered to be  one of the most important musicians of the international scene today. The “Times”, describing his style as “pure and imaginative,” has found in him a “combination of spontaneity and maturity that only great pianists have.”  Of French-Canadian origin, Lortie is renowned in Europe, Asia and the United States especially because of  his  research of interpretative originality due to  a wide repertoire rather than  the specialization in a unique style. In Città di Castello he pays tribute to France interpreting some pages of the national repertoire composed between 1884 and 1913 by Fauré, Debussy and Ravel, writers who lived personally the climate of extraordinary artistic and cultural ferment that characterized Paris in the years of transition between nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We listen to a refined and discreet Faurè, the one of the Nocturne, and his Preludes will alternate with those of Debussy: both, while wanting to allude to Chopin, they deeply differ in a more formal freedom and an intense impressionistic style. Finally Lortie faces the famous triptych Gaspard de la nuit by Ravel, a  page of a very difficult and transcendental virtuosity, which certainly deserves to be ranked among the greatest pianistic monuments of the twentieth century.