30th august
Echoes of the Russian Revolution
6,00 pm

Città di Castello, Loggiato della Pinacoteca comunale

Echoes of the Russian Revolution

Enrico Paci texts and voice
Simone Nocchi piano
Angelo Benedetti original music and sound design

SERGEJ PROKOF’EV Visions fugitives op. 22

a collaboration with Fondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale di Pieve Santo Stefano

The first World War is the main theme underlying the original proposals of the last three years of the festival. Two years after the very much appreciated Images and sounds of the first world war, this year performance is based upon an untold episode of the war: the one of Italian soldiers sent to post-revolution Russia in support of austrian-hungarian troops to fight the bolshevik army.
The Russian revolution is an important turning point of the conflict and although its consequences have been deeply examined, very little has been said about these soldiers who were ,often unconsciously , affected by this event.
Different stories came out of the revolution for the Italians in the far east.
The texts have been taken from diaries kept by Fondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale of Pieve Santo Stefano (which we thank for collaboration) and edited by Enrico Paci, the performing voice.
The tales are accompanied by Visions fugitives by Prokof’ev played on the piano by Simone Nocchi at the piano and by original electronic music by sound designer Angelo Benedetti.