Ensemble Suono Giallo ©Emanuele Vanni ok

Suono Giallo Ensemble
SUNDAY, 28TH AUGUST 2016 -9 P.M.

Città di Castello, Palace Vitelli alla Cannoniera


Suono Giallo Ensemble
Andrea Biagini flute
Michele Bianchini saxophone
Fabio Battistelli clarinet
Simone Nocchi piano
Laura Mancini percussions

L’ARGENT OR THE UNIVERSAL BANK loosely based on L’Argent by Émile Zola dramaturgy and and voice over by SANDRO CAPPELLETTO music by PIERRE THILLOY PREMIÈRE commissioned by the Festival delle Nazioni

THEOCHARIS PAPATRECHAS condamné à son éternité paralysée PREMIÈRE

GIOVANNI SCAPECCHI Prière à Dieu from Traité sur la tolérance by Voltaire PREMIÈRE

A subject of topical, as the story of a financial failure has inspired L’Argent or The Universal Bank, a music project in première by the French composer Pierre Thilloy commissioned by the Festival delle Nazioni, with dramaturgy by the writer and music historian Sandro Cappelletto. The inspiration does not come from the news of these days – as at first you might think – but from a work by the late nineteenth century French literature: the novel L’Argent (Money) by Émile Zola, inspired by the parable of the banker Paul Eugene Bontoux and his investment bank the Union Générale failed in 1882.
Thilloy, born in 1970 in Nancy, began his musical studies rather late, he is a prolific composer and with an eclectic style, he composed symphonies, concertos, a large number of chamber works, transcriptions and adaptations. Young, but already established, are the other two authors of the music performed in the première of the second part of the evening: Theocharis Papatrechas, born in Athens in 1988, and Giovanni Scapecchi, born in Arezzo in 1977.
The theme of this evening, dedicated to contemporary music, is the interpretation of the Ensemble Suono Giallo, which distinguished itself in recent years for the composition of several new pieces on the occasion of the centenary of Alberto Burri.