7th september
6.00 pm


Città di Castello, Loggiato della Pinacoteca comunale


Cosimo Linoci clarinet
Trio Kleos
Eugenia Lentini violin • Filippo Di Domenico cello
Mariangela Ciufredda piano

JOHANNES BRAHMS Trio for violin, cello and piano in C major op. 87
PAUL HINDEMITH Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Paul Hindemith can be considered Germany’s most prolific composer of the ‘20s thanks to his anti-romantic mentality and his very personal reinterpretation of classic forms.
After a revolutionary start, he chose to develop his career very carefully: chamber music, above all, was for him a particularly apt field of experimentation with totally new results always maintaining a clarity of expression. An evocative example is the quartet for clairnet, violin, cello and piano composed by Hindemith in 1938. In this year he had to emigrate to Switzerland because the nazi cultural critics was not happy with his “modernity”.
This piece and Trio op.87 by Brahms of 1882 ( an extraordinary example of chamber music) are performed by Cosimo Linoci on clarinet and by the Kleos trio made the young misicians who attended tha chamber music courses of the festival last year.