C.d.c. Villa Montesca

Città di Castello – Villa Montesca Park

Villa della Montesca e Parco

Villa Montesca is the most impressive villa around Città di Castello, it was built from 1880 on the project of architect Boccini of Florence and commissioned by barons Giulio and Leopoldo Franchetti.
Baron Leopoldo, a senator and a philanthropist , remains one of the most important figures of Città di Castello where he took his wife Alice Hallgarten. Together they promoted economic, educational and social initiatives in favour of sharecroppers, women and in general of the poorer families.
The villa today is owned by Regione Umbria and hosts training courses of high european ranking. In this way it respects the original educational goal of its founders.

The park was built together with the villa from 1885 and is unique in Umbria for its variety of plants. Still present today are exotic and mediterranean species which were brought into the garden by baron Fianchetti from his many travels at the beginning of the century. The structure of park with its paths is reminiscent of the english style; vegetation is typical of the period and is dominated by the presence of conifer trees but many other unusual and rare species are also present.