Palazzo Vitelli alla Cannoniera-Pinacoteca Comuna

Città di Castello – Palace Vitelli alla Cannoniera


Città di Castello – Palace Vitelli alla Cannoniera

Superb example of a royal residence of the first half of the XVI century, the Renaissance Palace was built for the wedding of Alessandro Vitelli and Angela Paola  dei Rossi of San Secondo Parmense. The main facade of the building is entirely decorated with graffiti made by Gherardi and designed by Vasari. The staircase that leads to the main floor is beautifully painted with a complex decoration, together celebratory and symbolic, attributed to Cola dell’Amatrice and Gherardi. The palace is the location for the Municipal Art Gallery, the second largest in Umbria after the National Gallery of Umbria in Perugia, where magnificent works by great artists such as Raffaello, Signorelli, Pomarancio, Raffaellino del Colle and many others  are exhibited.