Ex Essiccatoi tabacco

CITTA DI CASTELLO – Burri Museum, ex-Tobacco Drying Warehouse

Città di Castello – Burri Museum, ex-Tobacco Drying Warehouse

The ex-Drying Warehouse complex, inaugurated in 1990, completes the collection in the Palazzo Albizzini, with the exhibition of the cycles of large format works created by Burri between 1979 and 1993.  The large structure, built for the Tobacco Production Consortium in the 1950s for drying the tropical tobacco produced in the area, discontinued this role in the 1970s.  In 1978 Burri obtained the use of the warehouse as a workshop.  In 1989 the Burri Trust acquired the entire complex and began restructuring it for the purpose of housing the works of the Tiber Valley artist.  The large halls, completely painted black in accordance with Burri’s wishes, contain 128 large  works of art, separated by cycles: the Journey (1979), Sextant (1982), Red and Black (1984), Cellotex T (1975-84),  Growing Dark (1985-87), Don’t Like Black (1988), Black (1988-90), Metamorfotex (1991) and Black and Gold (1992-93).