4th september
9.00 pm

Città di Castello, Chiesa di San Domenico

Athenäum Quartet
Berliner Philharmoniker String quartet
Laurentius Dinca violin • Stephan Schulze violin
Walter Küssner viola • Christoph Igelbrink cello

FRANZ SCHUBERT String quartet n. 13 in F minor op. 29 D. 804 Rosamund: Andante
PAUL HINDEMITH Minimax. Repertorium für Militärorchester String quartet
JOHANNES BRAHMS String quartet in F minor op. 51 n. 2

Hindemith was a leading XX century composer. A prolific author who left a huge repertoire which covers theater, chamber and scene music, orchestra pieces. Among the many and varied pieces we may find real gems, ironic pieces, some real musical jokes like the amusing string quartet Minimax, the same name of an extinguishers’ manufacturer – which mimics military music.
This theme was a complex one for Hindemith given the fact that he served in the army during the final year of the first world war and lost his father on the western front. He was deeply disappointed by german militarism and by the national heroism’s rethoric.
This real treat of the chamber music repertoire will be accompanied by two classic pieces by Schubert and Bramhs , performed by Athenäum Quartet, a Berliner Philharmoniker string quartet founded in 1990 by the members of the famous Berlin orchestra.